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Comprehensive logistics services for demanding customers

We are Servant – a logistics professional who has been operating on the logistics market since 1990. We gathered a lot of experience throughout the years, therefore we are able to provide comprehensive logistics services including:

Our warehouses are located in Prague and Humpolec, which is especially useful for the trading companies (importers or distributors of goods).

Did you know that… Our added value services include packing, ironing, complaint evaluation service and order completion.

Do you trade outside the EU? Postpone your duty payment.

For importing goods from countries outside of the European Union, use a customs warehouse. . If you do so the payment of the duties is postponed until the goods are released for free circulation. We are lucky to have our own customs declaration and experienced workers. In addition to that, our guarantee includes a customs debt guarantee.

Do you own an e-shop? Do not waste your time!

Spend your precious time only doing business that is beneficial for you. Leave the Storing the goods, their distribution or complaint evaluation to us! Learn more about managing your e-shop.

8 Interesting facts you didn’t know about us:

  1. We have been on the market for 27 years
  2. We expedite 12,000 shipments over the month
  3. We expedite on the same day you place your order
  4. We shoot a video of the packing for our customer
  5. We send the invoices once a month
  6. We provide an interconnection of information systems
  7. You can communicate directly with the operator from the warehouse
  8. We have a great system for a unique identification of goods

We tailor the Logistics just for you. For example, we can provide the following:

  • We inflate balls (They come from China uninflated)
  • We mount ski bindings (bindings and skis are supplied by a different manufacturer)
  • If the supplier forgets to localize the product for the Czech market, we will rebrand it
  • We monitor the best before date (food, medical aids)
  • We monitor batches (drugstores, food supplements)
  • We photograph the products and the claimed goods(we have a table with an endless screen)
  • We work with fabrics - unwinding, measuring and cutting them (we have both the table and the gauges)
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