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Services with added value

We provide a wide range of warehousing services with added value; we can help you realize your marketing solutions.

Release of goods piece-by-piece

– anybody can take a whole palette out of a warehouse. We can expedite goods according to your exact requirements, piece-by-piece. Release quality is permanently monitored and evaluated. Consignments can be packaged under the watch of camera system and each product can be checked by reading the EAN, so you can be sure that the warehouse releases exactly what you wanted.


– do you import alcohol that is not stamped? We know an efficient way of stamping, we are good at using glues, we can help with administration. We stamp thousands of various bottles daily.


– we have 4 modern ironing workplaces. Are your customers hesitant about buying expensive clothes that are wrinkled? We can take complete care of your clothes, from ironing, to being put on hangers, and delivered right to the sale space! And of course, the hangers are all labeled with size circles and the goods are all tagged with the prices.

Packaging in film, co-packing

– we have machines for encasing products in film. Simply choose the type of film and the method for assembling the products –and leave the rest up to us. This service is suitable for supporting sales or the packaging of returns.


– traditionally, we assemble Christmas gift packages, glue boxes, put lids on bottles, make sales sets and other activities according to the wishes of our customers. If you have samples, we will gladly price our productions. If you do not, we will run a trial set and offer you a price.

Pasting, inserting instructions, repacking

– do you import goods without Czech labels or instructions? Or do you need to label your products with price tags? This is not a problem for us. We can paste anything. If necessary, we can also provide the printing of labels for convenient prices.

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