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The facility in Humpolec has the largest warehousing space. It is very convenient, as it is logistically located in the middle of the republic. We provide a complex range of services. Suitable for distributing goods by parcel, we also offer carload freight. We have been approved by the Hygiene Station to warehouse some animal products.

Specializing in the warehousing of clothes and sports equipment. Suitable for placing excessive stock reserve. Distribution of consignments by parcel service DPD or the Czech Mail

Transport accessibility

This modern warehouse facility is less than 1 km off the D1 Highway. Being located 100 km from Prague or Brno, Humpolec is, according to many experts, considered the logistical center of the republic, with strong potential for further development. About 80% of the population of the Czech Republic is within a radius of 100 km.


Over 19,000 sq meters, all spaces are tempered. Selected areas can be heated up to 30°C or, conversely, cooled through air-conditioning. Warehousing is available in the shelf system as well as open space. There are spaces suitable for warehousing and packaging food, as well as the warehousing of some types of combustibles. The facility is linked to the central security desk and equipped with a camera system and fire protection system.


Warehousing goods in an open space or in a shelf system; possibility to use bonded stock or tax stock, according to agreement; processing of Intrastat data; labeling and assembling of goods; packaging lines; printing of goods; ironing linen; sending consignments; EAN check; loading platforms.

Address of warehouse

Lnarska 1636
396 01 Humpolec
tel.: +420 565 536 676
fax: +420 565 536 006
e-mail: zc.tnavres@celopmuh
GPS: 49°32'20.363"N, 15°21'1.394"E

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