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Praha Vychod

This facility is the most utilized, so please call for more information on the current possibilities.

The facility in Praha Vychod is in close vicinity of the capital city with a close connection to the highway net; warehousing is possible in open as well as covered space. There is the possibility of warehousing food, even in an air-conditioned space under constant temperature. We have been approved by the Hygiene Station to warehouse some animal products.

We specialize in the warehousing of wine and alcohol, but other commodities are, of course, warehoused too. We can take care of the distribution of consignments by parcel service DPD. We will also provide for the disposal of palettes.

Transport accessibility

The facility at Praha Vychod is in Svemyslice, Praha Vychod District, approx. 5 km out of Prague. It is perfectly accessible for transport – 3 km from Cerny Most, Prague, or Radonice Exit off motorway I/10 in the direction of Mlada Boleslav.


Over 7,000 sq meters, out of which 4,000 sq meters are roofed and tempered. The facility is equipped with a camera system linked to a surveillance service, and it is also secured by guards with dogs.


Warehousing of goods in an open space or shelf system; the possibility to use bonded stock or tax stock, according to agreement; processing of Intrastat data; labeling and assembling of goods; sending consignments; EAN check; loading platforms.

Address of warehouse

Svemyslice č.p. 38
250 91 pošta Zelenec
tel.: +420 281 925 936
fax: +420 281 925 311
e-mail: zc.tnavres@ecilsymevs
GPS: 50°8'45.675"N, 14°39'3.446"E

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